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How Do Get Custody of My Granddaughter From Her Drug Using Parents?

Question by : how do get custody of my granddaughter from her drug using parents?
The childs mother is in rehab and the baby has been living with me then my daughter then back to her mother again she has messed up 5times now and the social workers keep removing my granddaughter each time its not fare to pass the baby about i want to put in for permanent care as the parents have no intention of giving up drugs

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Answer by Pearl L
talk to a lawyer about it

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Question by feelings_mutual: DRUG ADDICTION! Please help!?
My mother in law is on 2 different pain pills lyrica muscle relaxers and adderal. she gets so drugged up sometimes she passes out for days. she takes care fo her grandchild who is 5 months old and falls asleep on her almost drops her when she holds her. she smokes also and she will light up a ciggarette and we have to watch her because she will drop it while its lit. she dropped one the other day and we put it out and she didnt wake up for 10 minutes. then she woke up and tried finding it. she sleeps sitting up and falls forward and hits her head on the table sometimes. we are worried she is going to kill the baby or set the house on fire. her husband tries talking to her but she act like the usual addict. saying she has no problems and gets mad and acts like a 5 year old. shes also bi-polar. she gets 120 painpills (60 of 2 types) 60 adderal and 60 muscle relaxers. we live in arkansas. we are very tired and its hard to stay up for days watching her to make sure she doesnt do anything to hurt out house or herself. what can we do? can we addmit her to a hospital without her permission? her doctor is crappy and just hands her these pills. she also takes her brothers and mom pain pills through out the month. she runs out of pills with in a week of getting them. she take them on average about every 4 hours. we really need help. we cant do this anymore. ive looked stuff up online but cant find what im looking for. what can we do? what would happen if we called 911 while shes drugged up? were lost.
Your answer is perfect, no not my child. its my sister in laws and i am equally upset that she would trust her new born with a druggie. i know what adderal is (methamphetamine causes a high people take to do stuff, same as meth) but she takes two other pain pills with that. i am thankful you answered. wonderful information. i really hope we can help her. shes a very loving person and we hate seeing her struggle.

Working in Drug/addiction Rehab Centers?

Question by Ruby Alice Love: Working in drug/addiction rehab centers?
I’m currently a human development and family studies major but I have an undecided minor. I personally would like to be the one who’s in direct contact with patients during their withdrawal phases and being able to monitor them. I’m pretty sure that’s vague, but what job title is that specifically? In order to pursue this career would a biology minor benefit me more, would I need to go to medical school, what about grad school?

If it means anything I go to school in Nevada and I’d greatly appreciate some input and opinions.

I Know Someone Who Is Addicted to Meth and Needs Help. How Much Does Inpatient/residential Drug Rehab Cost?

Question by Link: I know someone who is addicted to meth and needs help. How much does inpatient/residential drug rehab cost?

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Answer by impurrfect10
It all depends if they have insurance and what type of insurance. Some will pay for the entire rehab and others will only pay for outpatient treatment. There are free clinics in most states. Call your local hospital and ask to talk to the social worker. They should be able to advise you on free or sliding scale rehab treatment programs. GL

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Social Worker vs. High School Teacher as a Career?

Question by farrahchrist: Social Worker vs. High School Teacher as a career?
Social worker, as in.. Something along the lines of helping with children, or domestic violence, or counseling. Teaching, as in.. English, or history, and possibly coaching a high school sport.

Pros/cons of both? What is a better career? Any opinions welcome, thank you.

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Answer by Charlie Kelly
Teachers suck

Social Workers rule!

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