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Can You Kick a Heroin Addiction on Your Own Without Withdrawals?

Question by Mr. X: Can you kick a heroin addiction on your own without withdrawals?
Can you kick a heroin addiction by using less and less until you’re doing like 1 hit per month?

I am not using heroin, and I never will.

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What Does a Woman Do Who Is Hooked on Opiates and Becomes Pregnant ?

Question by lea: What does a woman do who is hooked on opiates and becomes pregnant ?
there is a drug rehab program that gives there opiate and heroine addicted patients a medication called suboxone . . can pregnant women take this ? what do these programs do for a pregnant woman who is addicted to pills or heroin beforehand . . quitting cold turkey can cause problems from what i heard

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Would You Hire a Teacher With a Previous Drug Addiction?

Question by Harry: Would you hire a teacher with a previous drug addiction?
Would the kind of drugs matter? Like…crack vs. heroin?

Would it matter how they detoxed? Cold turkey at home vs. with a rehab plan?

Let’s say he/she is teaching high school.

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Answer by Mooka
i would think it would depend on the school and the level of age that you’re teaching.

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What Would Cause a Young, Healthy, Happy, and Drug Free Person to Be Unable to Rote Memorize at All?

Question by .: What would cause a young, healthy, happy, and drug free person to be unable to rote memorize at all?
We ruled out drug abuse, depression, anxiety, and any physical causes like lead poisoning.

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Answer by robertminidriver
What about genetic propensities which were triggered by some environmental force?

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Is There a Cutting Rehabilitation Center in My Area?

Question by sissybug1227: Is there a cutting rehabilitation center in my area?
I have searched online and I need to find a Self Harm or Teen cutting rehabilitation center in Nampa Idaho. None of the drug addiction rehabs but one for self harm. Thanks.

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Resistance to Malaria Drugs Has Spread in Southeast Asia

Resistance to malaria drugs has spread in Southeast Asia

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Resistance to malaria drugs has spread in Southeast Asia. This Aug. 29, 2009 photo shows village malaria worker Phoun Sokha, 47, … This time, scientists have confirmed the first signs of resistance to the only affordable treatment left in the global …
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Kosciusko To Begin Drug Court Program

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