Order of Protection AGAINST My Daughter?

Question by None G: Order of Protection AGAINST my Daughter?
My Daughter recently injured HERSELF, as in bloodied her lip, and then had me arrested for Domestic Violence. I am her sole gaurdian, her Mother being out of the picture for 4 years now.

She used this as a tool to remove me from the situation, she was recently released from a Mental Health Facility, diagnosed as Bipolar, and having abused drugs and Alcohol.

The big problem is, although the charges were dropped BY THE STATES ATTORNEY, I still nearly got fired, as I work in a highly sensitive position, a Nuclear Power Plant.

She is very manipulative, and I KNOW that, having discovered this “tool”, she will use it again.

So, in ILLINOIS, what is involved in securing an Order of Protection against my 16 year old Daughter?

P.S. there are NO family members willing to take her in.
I am her FATHER, btw

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Answer by KRIS A
what am i not understanding here??????
you are her guardian and her mother has been out of the picture for four years and other family members refuse to care for her…..

considering the problems, I’d make her a ward of the state. get out from under this nut job before you loose your job and possibly have other legal problems because of her.

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  • Gem says:

    You can be my mum instead. I know it’s no help but she should be greatful that she has a mother/guardian that actually cares.

  • Winter Glory-Rowdy's World says:

    I hate to say this, but you might need to look into some kind of long term placement, or treatment center, if she is this out of control, it will only get worse from here, good luck!

    And Kris-this IS his daughter we’re talking about here, calling her a “nut job” is a little insensitive!

  • †Evonne† says:

    You should have her committed since you are her legal guardian till she turns 18.
    She needs help.

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