Need Help Finding a Drug Rehab Clinic for My Mom.?

Question by Jamie R: Need help finding a drug rehab clinic for my mom.?
My mom is on drugs, not sure what kind or anything she just called and said she wanted to get cleaned. That’s the first step right, so how can I get her the help she is going to need?? We live in Denison, Texas and I have no Idea where to start….IF you help me I will give you advice and comment your questions. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
thanks so much!!!

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Answer by Knowledge
First of all, what an amazing loving daughter to care so much for your mom and to have your first reaction be one of support instead of judgement, your Mom must be an incredible person to have raised such a child.

Secondly, the fact that your Mom wants to get clean is the MOST IMPORTANT thing that needs to happen in order for her to overcome her addiction! With the conscious decision that she wants to get clean, she is now ready to find a quality program that will help her realize the underlying cause of her addiction and the triggers that lead to her use and then provide her with the tools to overcome those factors and triggers so that she does not feel the need to use ever again.

Sounds like your Mom is well on her way to getting the happiness she deserves back. I have had loved ones in a similar situation who are now living happily clean and sober today! I feel as though their lives were saved by the wonderful staff and program at Journey Healing Centers and will therefore recommend them as long as I live, so that others can have the same experience. They have a free confidential helpline you can call and they will help you understand the steps you can take to further support your mother no matter where she goes for treatment, they are the best. Here is their website

My Best Wishes Jamie, to you and your Mom!

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Free Drug Rehab Centers in Tennessee – Free Drug Rehab Centers in Tennessee – Call: (888) 652 6549 If you’re looking for free drug rehab centers in tennessee, simply call the number above. Like I said in the vido, not all rehabs…