My Brother Has a Major Drug Problem, Does Anyone Know of a Good Treatment Center in Florida That Is Low Cost?

Question by rms2323: My brother has a major drug problem, Does anyone know of a good treatment center in Florida that is low cost?
My brother is 30 years old and has been an addict since he was 13. Over this time period I would say he’s collectively had about 2 years sobriety, I am 26 and a recovering addict for a little over 4 years now. My father passed away 2 years ago from methadone overdose. So I know the right things to do, I’ve been in plenty of rehabs. Here’s the problem, my Mom and my Sister-in-law are in complete denial and the worst enablers, and my brother is super slick and manipulative, so he gets whatever he wants. We own a family restaurant so we all work together and it’s to the point where my brothers actions are affecting our business. He’s been arrested twice in the last 6 months…once for hitting me (which my family sided with him…CRAZY…this is how in denial they are), and the second for numerous narcotic felony charges and possibly a gun charge (if his record is not clean of a felony he got 10 years ago). The drugs he’s been taking consist of aderrall, clonopin, HIGH STEROID ABUSE, blood pressure meds, some drug called molly, possibly bath salt, and now I think he’s back on opiates(roxys). He’s kind of a special case because of the steroid abuse. My family is now starting to agree with me that he needs help but we dont know where to begin. $ 10,000 we can afford, but anything over that is pushing it. I wish I could call Dr. Drew right now, but I cant so I need help. I live in Fort Myers, and the treatment centers here aren’t that great. PLEASE ANY HELP I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE…WE ARE AT OUR LAST STRAW

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Answer by Erica
Hi, one of the best rehabs I know in South Florida that is low cost is Synergy Group Services. They are a smaller rehab in the West Palm area that offer lower costs programs for adults with addiction/alcoholism. I would highly recommend it!

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