Lew Sterret Justice Center in Dallas, Texas?

Question by that gurl: Lew Sterret Justice Center in Dallas, Texas?
Hi my fiance is in Lew Sterret county jail in Dallas, TX.
& I was trying to see if any of you guys knew
how I could accept his collect calls from the jail?
first off all mr.retarded sheriff
I dnt do drugs and never have so
why dont you tell your crack head kids to try drug rehab.
your probably doing meth with them right know now.
and you can keep your answers to yourself mr retard sheriff

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Answer by charlsyeh
i can not believe you are evn asking this question.when you get the call the operator will ask you if you want to accept the call.all you have to do is say yes.try drug rehab and your thinking will clear somewhat.you call me dumb and you are the one who ask the question?i retired from dallas county.just to ask such a question points to long term drug abuse.it is like when you put a egg on a hot surface.since you seem so clueless then i am sure you do not know that the department is raising the prices of collect calls.
—————-retired texas deputy sheriff—————-

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