Is There a Pharmaceutical Drug That Is Safer and More Beneficial Than Marijuana?

Question by jose: Is there a pharmaceutical drug that is safer and more beneficial than marijuana?
Marijuana in the natural form, being smoked, eaten, or vaporized (to remove carcinogenic properties). Is there anything out there, man made, that can benefit more illnesses, diseases, disorders both physical and psychological, etc?
@ vincent, Marinol isn’t cheap, has some unwanted side effects, and has to be taken orally so it rules out patients with strong nausea (like chemo patients) who can’t keep their food down

@matt not everyone can use acetaminophen because of adverse reactions with other medications that can cause death.. I think it’s somewhere around 10k deaths a year…. Marijuana has never directly killed anyone, and to say it has no medical benefit is hilarious, especially when the American Government has allowed people to use government weed for years. Granted most of those individuals are now dead but there were ~13 in all. Oh and if there is no benefit from marijuana why does marinol exist? use your thinkety think before you speak
@metalplanttag- you didn’t answer my question you just compared the withdrawals of marijuana to nicotine. Yes in really chronic users I could see them suffering from mild agitation, insomnia and things of that nature which yes do mimic nicotine withdrawals but Nicotine addiction is much much stronger and harder to beat. Also “addictions” for marijuana are what,~10% of users… What’s the statistics for people with addictive personalities again? ~10% too right? If i’m mistaken by a significant amount please correct me.
Keep in mind though that addiction rates in the US that go by rehab centers more often than not cite examples from court ordered individuals. Meaning they chose rehab over jail time. But your quote did say something interesting, something about not many scientific studies have being done.. right? kinda like the AMA calling for marijuana to be rescheduled so they can do more studies
“Despite the public controversy, less than small randomized controlled trials of short d
uration involving ~300 patients have been conducted over the last 35 years on smoked cannabis” and “Our AMA urges that marijuana’s status as a federal Schedule I controlled substance be reviewed with the goal of facilitating
the conduct of clinical research and development of cannabinoid-based medicines, and alternate delivery methods”…
I know your post didn’t specifically say you were against marijuana for medical purposes but when compared to the addiction rates of Benzo’s stemming from use for psychological disorders like anxiety, or PTSD wouldn’t marijuana be a better choice? that is just one example and the science is out there to back it if NIDA would back american based studies on it, instead of us having to rely mostly on European studies

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Answer by Vincent
You can try taking tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, capsuls.

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