Is Alaska a Nice Place to Live?

Question by john: Is alaska a nice place to live?
I don’t live in the us now. But I want to live in Alaska. Im an outdoors person. I like hunting, fishing, and hiking. One of my concers is that crime is high there. Or is it? I thinking about anchorage. Is anchorage a nice place to live?

Try to answer these questions.

1. Is it easy to get a hunting permit in Alaska? Where I live. You must own land to hunt. Can I hunt in most places in alaska? With a permit of course. How does it work? Can anyone get a permit to hunt like deers and small animals?

2. I like guns. I know how easy it is to buy shotguns and handguns in Alaska. But is it just as easy to buy a fully automatic rifle? Like an AK47 or an ar15 rifle? Or is it harder?

3. Is alcohol illegal in anchorage? I’ve heard that its illegal in some villages. But it is legal in anchorage if you are 21 or older. Right??

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Answer by MomSezNo
Well, I wouldn’t want to live there, but I guess it depends on what you’re looking for. I wouldn’t be able to take the near-constant darkness for half the year and near-constant light for the other half. Not to mention the weather!

But, how are you going to move to Alaska from another country? You’ll need a work visa, unless you’re independently wealthy and won’t need a job. And for that a company has to prove that they need to hire you because they can’t find any US citizens to do the job.

I may well be that alcohol is illegal in some villages, given the Inuit culture in some places. But where liquor is legal, the drinking age is 21.

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