Is a Drug Addiction Similar to Psychological Addiction?

Question by Kalla: Is a drug addiction similar to psychological addiction?
I know in a drug addict’s brain nerves connect together and tell the brain and body it needs the drug to live. Also if they become sober they face the possibility of relapse despite the number of years of being sober. Is this the same as a psychological addiction?

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Answer by Zach
As you seem to have distinguished there are in fact two types of addictions: pyscological, and physiological (what you call a drug addiction). The two are very simmilar, and in many drugs both present (cocain, meth, etc.). However there are suttle differences (mostly found in the symptoms. For example physiological addiction will manifest itself through physical symptoms (painful withdrawl, erratic behavior, etc.), whereas psycological symptoms are more often not as easy to notice (decreased mental capactiy, strong feeling of need toward the drug, etc.). The short answer to your question is yes.

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