I Think I Have a Drug Addiction for Oxycodene W/ Apap?

Question by Emileee.: I think i have a drug addiction for oxycodene w/ apap?
Okay, heres basically what i have to ask.

My mom is perscribed oxycodene w/ apap 520mg.
Every week or so i have a day where i feel like having
a few because they make me feel so calm and good.
I take about 3 chipped into fourths. I need to know how
many pills would cause me to overdose, so i dont ofcourse,
im trying to cut down. Eventually I know my mom will notice.

Best answer:

Answer by Paully
Do something to take your mind off of it; to make you calm in a different way.
Dennis Miller, I believe, was addicted to it and it cost him his hearing.
You must be very careful.

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