I Have to Do an Essay About Drugs and Alcohol and How Today’s Teens Are Familiar With the Facts and Dangers?

Question by Lisa: i have to do an essay about drugs and alcohol and how today’s teens are familiar with the facts and dangers?

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Drug abuse among teens is spreading rapidly across Illinois. Drug addiction is considered a disease, and it is in fact spreading like a virus among our children. In this essay, we will try to explain why the drug abuse problem is so serious.
By drugs, we mean all the substances that have negative effects, especially on child’s health, including cigarettes and alcohol, beside over the counter drugs, prescription and illicit (street) drugs. Although not all of them has the same harmful effect, to a teenager any abuse of non-healthy substances can result in a serious development problems.
Teen drug abuse is habitual misuse of substances, in order to alter teen’s emotion, mood and state of consciousness. Most teens from Illinois, who develop habit of drug abusing, eventually develop dependence, too. It is hard to resist dependence when teens use drugs on regular bases, as almost every one of them has addicting attributes.
Drug addiction is even more dangerous than occasional use of drugs, of course. When a teen becomes an addict, almost nothing else matters to him, but his daily dose. Some of them even develop hard dependence that even one dose per day is not enough.
When teens want to get high, they don’t waver much and will use whatever they can. If they don’t have something stronger, many of them will empty your medicine cabinet or go and buy some legal drug that will alter their psychic for a little bit. In fact, many Illinois teens actually start by abusing prescription drugs, until they get bored with them and decide to switch to illegal drugs.
Teens that abuse any kind of drugs neglect everything else. From their love relationships and friends, family and house works, to school and other activities. Sadly, many even give up on sports and/or schoolwork and fail classes, as they find new joy in life. What seems to be a solution for their teen problems actually brings them more trouble, which can follow them through the rest of their life.
Many teens who start with drugs, never give it up, if they don’t have the proper support from parents and don’t get treatment on time. Even if they don’t continue abusing illicit drugs, there is a great chance they will be alcoholics or smokers. Teen drug abuse results in unsecured grown-ups, both socially and economically, and brings health troubles to many people.
Drug abuse and dependence costs money, so many teens are in constant need of it. They are forced to borrow money often, or lie to their parents why do they need it. Later, especially if they drop out school, they may turn to be unemployed, but still in need of drugs, so they turn to dealing drugs or other criminal activities.Biggest problems teen drug abusers get into are health troubles, of course. Drugs can affect every body part, especially lungs, liver, heart and brain. Many heart attacks and death of teens occur because of the often drug abuse or over dose. Overdose happens when teens take more quantity of drugs than what they used to or sometimes when they stumble to pure substance.
We hope that this essay helped you think a little more about this destructive problem many teens and parents deal with, and that you will pay more attention to your teen’s behavior and attitude about drugs. Data from Illinois clearly say that more parent have to involve in the drug abuse prevention, for the sake of their children.

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