I Have Quit Weed for Over 9 Weeks but I Am Struggling to Cope. Can Somone Give Me Some Advice Please?

Question by Hard 2 the core: I have quit weed for over 9 weeks but i am struggling to cope. can somone give me some advice please?
I have had several attempts to quit weed over the last 18 months and this time i have had only a few days over the last 9 weeks or so that have been difficult and i have done really well but ive been so stressed out for 3 days in a row now. Can someone please give me some advice to help me to deal with all of the stress that i am having to deal with please as my nerves are all over the place and i feel so stressed.

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Answer by Hailey
dude calm down
take up a sport
go to mcdonalds

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