How to Help a Heroin and Meth Addict?

Question by peanutlover: How to help a heroin and meth addict?
I have a family member who has done heroin for 6 years and recently started doing meth. She will just go missing, we will search for her, find her, bring her into detox or bring her to her moms but she just sneeks out or leaves detox. She says she wants help but everyone is exhausted from searching for her and worrying 24/7. I am wondering if anyone knows of any rehab centers decently priced that will actually work. She has insurance that will pay for in state (Arizona) but I feel like she would be more successful outside of AZ since she wont know anyone to go pick her up. We don’t have the money to pay for treatment and if anyone knows of way to pay to get help please let me know. THANK YOU!
Thanks, John…that was helpful. And we are right outside Phoenix…they are EVERYWHERE we found her in the cliche roach motel with a guy twice her age tweaked out and she told us she met him outside of a burger king. how will she ever get over this if it is EVERYWHERE and it is as easy as sitting outside of a restaurant to get high?!

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