How to Deal With the Shock News of Cancer?

Question by Ammmz: how to deal with the shock news of cancer?
I recently recieved some shocking news that my partner has a tumor and im not dealing with it well. I cannot focus on studies or anything else in life.
Its only been a week since I was given the news so it is still fresh in my mind but it’s killing me.
The cancer isn’t even bad, I am just so terrified and don’t know how to snap out of this.
I will be happy and then suddenly burst into tears and I constantly have reoccuring dreams about him telling me.. what can I do? Ive tried talking about it, it helps but doesnt stop the pain, how can I pull myself together over something this major in our lives.

Its mainly the antisipation of waiting for the news that is killing me

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Answer by soda pop
you gotta pray about it

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