How Should I Deal With My Gambling Addiction?

Question by lalaland: How should I deal with my gambling addiction?
I’ve lost a little over $ 5K on sports gambling, poker, blackjack, roulette, craps and other random casino stuff..

I’m 21 years old.. I’ve been gambling since I was 17.

How can I kick this habit before I start earning real money when I graduate from college in less than a year.

I have tried to kick the habit or stop losing money with the following reasoning:

I justify not sports gambling because I never have sufficient information to make a bet and when I do I get restless and keep gambling.. I would go up 3 grand and gamble it all away because the games are over for the week and I want action.. always..

Or with poker I’d play garbage hands because I’d get bored.. or get it in just to feel the rush.. so that’s not good..

Now you ask what if I kept emotions out of it.. I think I could get really small returns on my investments with poker or sports betting.. But every time I get up I lose it all again because I can’t stop. I have tried wagering and playing poker ‘smart’ but it gets boring and I just end up big betting or playing crap hands cause I’m not enjoying myself.

As for the roulette, blackjack… when games aren’t on or poker isn’t going well that’s where I go..

I know, I know. I tell my friends and they say I’m stupid. But it’s like a drug.. and I’m coming off a period of depression too.. This validates my intelligence when I win.. makes me excited.. I never cared about school, got into a good college & received crap grades.. had crappy relationships, friends..

Gambling is all I’ve had for a while.. It’s what has made me happy.

Can you give me some advice, thanks.

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Answer by Juju
it’s never too late.

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