How Can I Start a Drug Rehab Center?

Question by Samantha H: how can i start a drug rehab center?
i want to start my own drug rehab center, and i want to know what do i need to get started, what do i need to start this process.

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Answer by noitall
are you sure? I suggest you first go to work for an established facility and see what they deal with every day before making this decision. You’re dealing with people with serious personal problems, many of whom don’t really want to get rehabbed (they’re putting in time due to a court order or other pressure from people who think it will make them turn around). The cost of their rehab is covered either by their families or by insurance companies or by the state mental health system.

You can start by becoming very familiar with the conditions that the regulatory authorities impose to open and run such a facility. That should dissuade you.

Oh, and a solid understanding of and experience with mental illness is a definite plus. The reason people turn to drugs in the first place is because they have trouble dealing with life, often due to emotional illness.

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