'He Had an Obsession With Alcohol and I Had an Obsession With Trying to Cure Him'

'He had an obsession with alcohol and I had an obsession with trying to cure him'

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Anne uses that word deliberately so that her book isn't focused just on those dealing with someone who is a diagnosed alcoholic. "Where does heavy social drinking stop, and addiction start? Problem drinkers give you the signs and are very subtle in …
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The benign threat of using mobile phones on planes

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RIM's flagship smartphone has long been referred to as a CrackBerry, and there might be no greater symbol of modern technological addiction than witnessing the speed at which those tiny screens are illuminated once humans inside an aircraft return to …
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Paul H. Broyhill Wellness Center Promotes Healthy Lives and Friendships for

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Behrend, who enjoys spending time with her three grandchildren, meeting regularly with her book club and hiking, was looking for a way to connect with others and get in shape. Dr. Ashline felt that THRIVE would be beneficial to helping her cope with …
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