Errors Threaten Future of County's Treatment Program

Errors threaten future of county's treatment program

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I will work on the SAPT (Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment) yearly report this weekend, but I wish I could see the 'strategic plan' that had to be submitted at or before this biennium.” Henderson responded, “Well, I don't know what to say or do.
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Project 25 gaining acclaim for a unique approach to treating mental illness

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New City – Almost a month since its introduction in Mid-May, the Rockland Independent Living Center's Project 25 is already showing promise in raising awareness of the unique challenges faced by those living with mental illness and substance abuse …
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Signs, symptoms of substance abuse

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Traditionally, new pharmacotherapies are quickly adopted in primary care settings, however; drugs for substance abuse treatment have faced many barriers. Naltrexone, a drug originally marketed under the name “ReVia”, and now marketed in intramuscular …
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