Daughter’s Drug Addiction ?

Question by tracey s: Daughter’s drug addiction ?

My name is Tracey, I have a 21 year old daughter who is taking prescription pain pills I just don’t know what to do so I will try and tell you as much as I know. two months ago is when we learned that she had been snorting oxycontin so we thought we good help her on our own i looked on the internet on things to do to help with the withdraws did what we had to do she does not live at home so we did not give her anymore money I did by her cigarettes I took her to see a counselor at my school she just went a couple of times. I thought maybe she was doing better she was over at our house took money from her brother, so we new she was still using confronted her says she will stop well than yesterday I went to her apt her and her boyfriend had been fighting he had money come up missing and she is still doing drugs from what I have been able to get out of her she started doing pains pill and smoking pot at age 12 . Me and my husband did not raise her to be like this I know she is a good person we have raised are children is church we do not do drugs,smoke, or drink do not allow it in our home as a parent you think were did I go wrong ,,,,,, she was over to the house yesterday being confronted with everything that she has done I have told her she has to make a choice between her family and the drugs that I think she can not do this on her own, she needs treatment we live in southern Ohio very small town with limited resources, she says I don’t want to go anywhere I will not know anyone. I think part of her wants help the last I talked to her last night things were left up in the air I hung up on her told her she needs to make a decision on what she is going to do she does not have any insurance for treatment my husband is a construction worker. I go to school full time, plus I trying to help my sister out she was just diagnosed with cancer so I have been taking her to her treatments and trying to handle things as best I can but I feel like I’m almost at my breaking point. I think there is also more going on with her I think she is taking other pills to and maybe doing things to get the pills I don’t think she is using needles but I’m afraid if something is not done soon that will be the next thing she will try. Imy husbands family over the last two years there as been drug addition he has two sister’s & a brother who are now serving 5to8 years in prison due to drug trafficking and my daughter tells me that when she was 12 thats when it started was with them, so if you can help me and my family in anyway I would appreciate it. Tracey Smith
thanks for the advise I did email jeff VanVonderon from the show intervention he emailed me back waiting on him to call me back.

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Answer by NA
I am sorry for the pain that you are suffering. Please go to an Al-Anon or Nar-Anon support group. These groups will help you deal with the suffering which will in turn provide an indirect assistance for your daughter. These groups are free and the group nearest you can be found ont their internet pages or in the local phone book. You will be with people who understand your problem and want to help you. Helping yourself right now will be the best help possible for your daughter. Good luck!

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