Can the Government Send in Troops to Stop the Violence in Chicago and Detroit?

Question by Mc Conaughey: Can the government send in troops to stop the violence in Chicago and Detroit?
i feel sorry for the innocent
babies and bystanders who have to be a part of that violence! if i lived in Detroit or Chicago i would
start walking and leaving that city! if i had to walk 100 miles to leave i would! when i wanted to get
off of crack cocaine i walked to the treatment center i was tired of using! i know there are people
who can not leave because of physical conditions why do people in Detroit and Chicago have to
endure violent people in their neighborhoods can’t the government send in tanks and troops to
end the violent killings are all the senseless killings in Chicago due to drugs crack cocaine, pills, meth?

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Answer by James K
No, not legally. The Posse Comitatus Act (passed after Reconstruction) prohibits the government from using the military as a police force.

That said, states can use their National Guard troops on order of the governor (but they have to pay for it). This is complicated by many of the National Guard being deployed to Afghanistan.

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