Brother With a Serious Drug Problem?

Question by flower: Brother with a serious drug problem?
My brother is addicted to crack? He also have a mental problem at well. He is constantly in and out of jail on theft charges to support his habit. The judge just give him a few months in jail and when he gets out he back to where he started. We have numerous rehab places and they all charges horrendous fees that nobody can afford. Being so desperate of him loosing his life over drug we have also written in to some of the tv shows and beg for help. I just don’t understand why there are not inpatient programs out there that can help drug addicts. I feel like we are running out of time. My sister is the power of attorney over his finances i don’t know if that may be of any help with my questions. If anyone know of any resources or anyway of us getting him permitted into a program in Georgia this would be greatly apprecited? If anyone can tell me if they have experience this and what work for their family member that would be greatly as well? DESPERATELY NEEDING HELP TO SAVE MY BROTHER!

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Answer by JL
I’m so sorry to hear that he’s caught in that chase. I’ve lived it myself. The only ‘good’ thing about crack is that you do realize what a mess you’re living at the time, or most people do, anyway. Your brother is sick, but he knows it, and doesn’t truly want to continue that path. Believe me.

Have you checked with your local county courts about getting him into a program? Many courts these days have Drug Court, DWI Court, etc which are intensive probations. They are held accountable, so your brother wouldn’t be given many chances at testing dirty, but it’s preliminary to just being locked up without question. A second second chance.

EDIT: You can contact Probation & Parole about his case, but it sounds like they have him on the In & Out rotation plan, which helps no one. P&P actually wants to help people, though many would want a grab at me for saying so…

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