Are There Any Drug Treatment Programs Offered in Ellsworth, Maine?

Question by cal: Are there any drug treatment programs offered in Ellsworth, Maine?
I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my cousin Billy. He seems really lightheaded but rather feeble. He told me that he’s having digestive problems too for he’s often nauseous or constipated. I’ve also observed that he’s having slight problems when it comes to eating. It appears as if he can’t swallow his food well. Just last night, I’ve noticed some changes in his skin color. It appears a bit yellowish to me. After weeks of pestering, he finally admitted the reason for all of those things. He told me that he’s into Hydrocodone. We talked about it and he said that the addiction started out as a simple dare from his friends. I’ve already convinced him into applying for a treatment program and he said he wants a place near to home. Can anybody help us?

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Answer by Eva
It really pays to be a keen observer huh? It’s a good thing that you’re such a concerned cousin. You must be really annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I just think that the reason why he told you about the Hydrocodone is because he’s already annoyed by your pestering. Anyway, I’ve added some links in the sources box that might help you find facilities that offer drug treatment programs in Maine. Good luck to the both of you!

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